Map service

Services and attractions

The city’s map service provides up-to-date information about Ylivieska’s services and attractions, as well as sports locations and routes.


Legally valid local and master plan maps are an important part of the map service and cityscape. The plan markings and building method instructions can be found in the lower edge of the menu, under “Plan restrictions and provisions”.


You can find the city’s available plots, their surface area details, building rights as well as purchase and lease prices in the online Tonttipörssi plot service. If you wish, you can submit an application to reserve a plot by filling in the electronic form. The Land Use Services will contact You after you have successfully completed the reservation.


At the top edge of the service, you can find a search field for searching addresses or services. Address details can also be found on the city’s guide map and on the most detailed level of the National Land Survey of Finland’s background map. At the top edge of the service, you will also find the necessary tools for measuring distances, printing and creating various map links.

Content and materials

The City of Ylivieska’s and the National Land Survey of Finland’s maps are used as materials, and they are provided up-to-date through the interface connection directly from the information producer. The city’s Land Use Services is responsible for updating the locations in collaboration with Karttatiimi.


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