Playgrounds and activity parks

Parks are our shared living rooms


The objective in the construction and maintenance of park playgrounds is to achieve a comprehensive playground network in the city area.

Freely accessible playgrounds and their addresses

Playgrounds’ fault reports: business days at 9:00- 15:00, switch tel. 08 42941,
at other times on-call service tel.. 044 4294 517.

Local sports and fitness locations

There are fitness and play equipment at Koivukallio’s local sports location. There are fitness equipment at the start of Salmiperä’s fitness trail and in Huhmari outdoor area. There is also a diverse playground at Raudaskylä’s local sports location.

Yard playgrounds

There is a yard playground at all elementary schools and these can be used freely outside school hours. Two town halls have playground equipment.

Daycare centres have their own playgrounds but their free use has not been agreed with the premises holders. Yard playgrounds are the responsibility of Facility Services.

Contact info

Mustonen Karoliina
kuntatekniikan päällikkö
044 4294 231
Tekniset palvelut

044 4294 517
Tekniset palvelut

Minigolf Park




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