Maps to order

City centre’s guide map.

Printed maps

Free print products are available at the city hall’s information point;

  • Tear-off map of the city centre area (services)
  • Route network map of the Ylivieska-Huhmari-Törmälä area

Numerical materials

The Land Use Services deliver digital map materials by email as initial data for planning. Up-to-date map materials have been considered to be an important part of detailed planning and the review of documents.

You can obtain a map extract or printout of the following materials, or their combinations:

  • local plan
  • component master plan
  • local plan’s topographic base
  • property register map
  • map of underground pipes and cables
  • orthophoto 2014
  • laser scanning material 2014

Paper and numerical map extracts as well as additions to be made to maps (e.g. text, border measurements, etc.) are billed in accordance with the rates approved by the Technical Services Board. Any work tasks and schedules shall always be agreed with the customer in advance.


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