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Planning review

A planning review is prepared once a year and it is based on Section 7 of the Land Use and Building Act (MRL). The review presents the pending planning matters and their stage of processing as well as any planning tasks that may in the near future become pending.

The purpose of the planning review is to inform the residents about planning projects on a general level.

In practice, the planning review is a list of ongoing and upcoming planning projects, their progress and contact persons. The plan projects are presented with a short description and location data on the map. In addition, general issues related to planning are described and a brief overview of the past year is presented.

The city council has approved the latest planning review on November 15, 2021 § 4.

Planning projects may be launched mid-year even if they have not been informed in the planning review. These projects typically include changes to local plans, which private landowners have applied for and which are not known by the city at the time of preparing the review.

Specific information on individual planning projects is carried out separately on a plan-specific basis. The details of ongoing projects can be found under the Plans being prepared link.

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