Team operations


In teams, a student can influence and develop

Team operations

Ylivieska Upper Secondary School’s operating culture is based on the active operations of teams during the academic year. 

HOW DOES EVERYTHING START? At the very beginning of the autumn term, our upper secondary school’s students join their chosen team in which they wish to influence and develop our upper secondary school’s joint activities during the year. The teams are created and formed according to the students wishes and needs. Each team selects operators from among themselves: at least a chairman, secretary and spokesperson. The operations are also an essential part of the student union’s operations because a representative from each team is appointed to join the student union’s board. In this way, information easily travels from the students’ team meetings to the student union’s boards and from the teachers guiding the teams to all the upper secondary school’s teachers. The student union’s general meeting shall appoint a chairman for the board.

CONVENING OF THE TEAMS: The teams convene regularly (approx. 2 times/period). The group usually convenes at the invitation of the chairman at the time and place reserved for this purpose: the meetings have a clearly marked time in the timetable, which has been marked as “upper secondary lesson” (upper secondary lessons are reserved for team work Mon-Wed-Fri). Each team also has its own meeting location. The upper secondary school’s glass lobby operates as the notice board for team operations, and it is where the teams inform others about their operations.

TEAMS’ ANNUAL CLOCK: At the beginning of autumn, as soon as the teams have been formed, the students begin to plan their operations. At the end of the 1st period, the teams present themselves to all of the students and staff members, and tell about their objectives and planned operations. Over the year, the teams operate actively and independently, but also in cooperation with each other. During the academic year, the student union convenes to develop the teams: they present the achievement of their objectives in so-called development seminars. In these joint meetings, the teams present their development ideas, provide feedback to other teams and plan their operations for the following academic year.

Pyrkivän opas

Pyrkivän opas



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Ylivieska Upper Secondary School’s teams 2019-20

‘Abi’ teams

In August, third year students for abi teams which are independently responsible for the abi year’s activities.





Wellnes team

Cake team

International team

The international team’s duty is to increase internationality in the school’s everyday life. The team organises, for example, presentations of language learning trips and student exchange programmes, and participates in the school’s thematic days and events.

Kiosk team


Using various methods, brings music to the everyday life of the upper secondary school, and ensures the operation of AV equipment in the upper secondary school’s joint events. The team’s working life cooperation partner is

Game team

Food team

The social media team

The social media team’s duty is to update the upper secondary school’s events and everyday life on the school’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat). At the same time, operations are made familiar to various reference groups. The working life cooperation partner is Kalajokilaakso newspaper. In addition to updates, and where possible, the team organises various events related to the school year, such as an advent calendar and a Valentine’s Day event.

Serving team

Security team


Volunteer work team

Are you empathetic? Do you want to help others? Join the voluntary work team! During the academic year, we develop and organise various events, and their profits are donated to charity, to causes we have chosen. In addition, we are annually responsible for, e.g., Organising a Hunger Day Collection and one-day work collection. Our partner company is Tuokiotupa, which provides the opportunity to familiarise in volunteer work, particularly with the elderly. Where possible, other forms of volunteer work are also familiarised in.

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