The city’s employment services under the same roof

You can reach all the employment services’ personnel and services at Toivo. Toivo’s workshops provide placements in rehabilitative work activities, work trial opportunities and wage-subsidised work. At Toivo, you can find rehabilitative work activity courses which are organised all year round. Toivo’s services are available on Mon-Fri at 9.00 am – 2.00 pm.

Art and handicrafts

There is an active workshop at Toivo where customers have the opportunity to familiarise themselves in and learn handicrafts in a guided manner. At the lead of rehabilitation workshop instructors, we create art, photography, painting, drawing, handicrafts, crafts and familiarise ourselves in creative work. The aim to use culture and creativity to find new strengths in ourselves and strengthen our self-esteem.

Technical services unit

As part of Toivo, we have a Technical services unit where we carry out technical tasks that assist the city. We provide assistance where it is needed, and as a mobile unit, we carry out, e.g., clearing, firewood chopping, removals within the city, renovation work and winter maintenance work.


Clothing management and cleaning tasks can also be carried out at Toivo.


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