Preschool student welfare

Student and pupil welfare services include curator and psychologist services as well as healthcare


Preschool pupil welfare refers to the promotion and maintenance of a preschooler’s good learning opportunities, good physical and psychological health and social well-being as well as activities increasing their prerequisites in the preschool education community.

Pupil welfare is primarily carried out as community-based pupil welfare. Community-based pupil welfare involves preventative activities which support the entire preschool education community. In community-based pupil welfare work, the well-being of preschool education community and preschooler groups is monitored, assessed and developed. In addition, the healthiness, safety and accessibility of the preschool education environment is ensured.

Individual-based pupil and student welfare involves services provided to an individual pupil; school psychologist, curator, school nurse, school doctor and a multidisciplinary expert group.


As a guardian, you can contact the curator if you have any concerns about preschool education, friendships, home conditions, changes in family circumstances or the child’s own well-being. You can contact the school psychologist, e.g., when the pupil wants discussion support or requires help with, for example, problems in their emotional life (worries, depressed mood, fears, etc.), life crises, learning difficulties or attention and study related problems.

Background and legislation

A preschool pupil has the right to pupil welfare, i.e. Care for the child’s overall well-being both as an individual and as part of a group. As personal services, a child attending preschool education may attend the maternity clinic’s healthcare services ,and psychologist and curator services. If necessary, a multidisciplinary expert group is convened for the support of the child.

The objective of pupil welfare is to create a healthy and safe learning and growth environment for the child, support learning and prevent learning obstacles, protect mental health and prevent isolation.

Preschool education’s pupil welfare is implemented the officials of the local authority in collaboration with the child’s parents or guardians and the child themselves.

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