Pets are great company

Walking dogs and other pets

Every dog needs daily exercise. A dog must be able to go outside to relieve itself and it must be able to carry out behaviour that is natural to canines by exercising and smelling the messages provided by the outdoor world. Renssula dog park is located near the intersection of Korjaamontie and Muuttolantie. Dog park rules

To keep the residential and outdoor environment tidy, dog faeces must be cleared in accordance with the provisions set out in the Public Order Act. Dogs must not be walked at children’s playgrounds, beaches or market places.

Waste containers marked on the mapintended for dog faeces. The dog faeces waste container sticker can be used to give dog walkers permission to dispose a knotted dog faeces bag in your yard waste container.

Pet cemetery

The pet cemetery is located at Huhjantie, before Joonala’s ski track.


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