Building register update project

Updating of building registers between 2020 – 2024

Between 2020 – 2024, the City of Ylivieska shall carry out a building register updating project.

Purpose and progress of the project

During the project, Ylivieska’s building stock shall be reviewed and the aim is to update the details in the city’s, the Digital and Population Data Agency’s and the Finnish Tax Administration’s registers.

Bringing the building register up to date shall be carried out by comparing the city’s and tax administration’s building register with map materials and the city’s building permit materials. If a property’s building stock cannot be verified from the registers, the property owners shall be contacted by post in order to obtain the missing information. The property owner shall be provided instructions in the letter for the purpose of informing the building details, and if sufficient details cannot otherwise be obtained, the surveying of the buildings shall be carried out on site. The building details shall primarily be submitted through the Maptionnaire online survey but the details can also be submitted using a printable building information form (the form must be attached to a local plan, which indicates the location of the buildings on the property).

Any surveying visits involved in the project shall be free for the property owner and the surveying shall be carried out on the outside of the buildings (gross area) without entering indoors. It is not necessary for the property owner to be present during the surveying visit, but the property owner can be present if they wish.

If information cannot be obtained within the framework of the project by means of the questionnaire or an agreed surveying visit, Building Control has the right under the Land Use and Building Act (Section 145) to carry out an official inspection visit at the property, which will be subject to a fee in accordance with Building Control’s rates.

The rectified details shall immediately be transferred to the population data register (Act on the Population Information System and the Certificate Services of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, Section 25) and any property details that deviate from the tax administration’s shall be submitted to the Tax Administration on an annual basis for review. Up-to-date registers in property taxation place property owners in a more equal position. Up-to-date property details also help in official operations, such as, e.g., rescue operations. If your property details are up-to-date or they can be rectified on the basis of existing information, such as permit materials, the property owners shall not be contacted directly. If there are still errors in the property tax return, the property owner can contact the project manager or Building Control. As a result of the study, it may be the taxpayer’s responsibility to contact the tax office, so remember to check your property tax return (Real Estate Tax Act Section 16, Taxpayer’s obligation to notify). Amendments concerning property taxation can be made in the OmaVero service or using a paper form. Taxation changes to be carried out in this project shall only apply to properties’ buildings.

Please notify us about all buildings and structures  on the property that exceed 5 m².

The Nietos hammock and stand (329€) shown in the photo, or a similar product if the said model is no longer available, shall be drawn among the property owners who participated in the questionnaire.

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