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What is planning?

The city’s planning is controlled by the Land Use and Building Act and the Regional Land Use Plan.

Master and local plans are prepared to arrange and guide the use of municipal areas. A master plan is used to describe the main features of the use of areas in a municipality. On the other hand, a local plan is used to specify the use of parts of a region and the construction principles.

The technical service centre’s land use services/planning prepare the city’s component master plans, local plans and other plans concerning land use, which guide construction work.

Master plans are prepared for the city executive board and are then referred to the city council for approval. Local plans are processed and approved by either the Technical Services Board or the Government.

Local plan fees

According to Section 59 of the Land Use and Construction Act, the city is entitled to charge the costs incurred in drawing up and processing the plan to the landowner or titleholder concerned if the plan or amended plan is mainly required for private interest and prepared at the landowner’s or title owner’s initiative.

Local plan fees charged for the local plan and changes to the local plan.

What is announced and why?

The Land Use and Construction Act emphasises interaction and collaboration between involved parties, planners and shop stewards, open discussions and transfer of knowledge, seeking a common language and informative basis as well precipitousness of the plans. Announcements are a traditional and well-proven method to inform municipal residents of ongoing matters. Participation and interaction starts with information.

In connection with master planning, an initial decision and the prepared participation and assessment plan are announced. Master plan drafts and proposals as well as an approval decision are further announced.

Local plan projects are informed as early on as possible by announcing the participation and assessment plan. Local plan drafts and local plan proposals are announced and the approval of the plan is informed.

Announcement details

Announcements are published in the city’s notice newspapers and noticeboards as well as on the city’s website. The plans are available in the technical service centre’s land use service, Kyöstintie 4 (location on map). Any feedback and reminders must be sent to the provided address during the availability period of the announcement.

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