Accessibility in Akustiikka

Accessibility is considered at Cultural Centre Akustiikka.

Cultural Centre Akustiikka considers people with disabilities, e.g., as follows:

  • An assistant or support person can always attend the performances free of charge.
  • Our premises have an accessible entrance.
  • Our premises have signs in plain language.
  • Our premises have accessible restroom facilities.
  • Our stand includes wheelchair places.
  • Our premises are equipped with an induction loop.
  • The entire staff is committed to serving our disabled customers in the best possible way.
  • Accessible parking is available in the vicinity of the facilities.

Scent-free facilities

We primarily aim to keep the seats at the left-hand edge of the balcony (3 first seats of each row) for people with hyperosmia (hypersensitivity to smells).

Seat numbers per row:

  • 293-292-291
  • 313-312-311
  • 333-332-331
  • 353-352-351
  • 373-372-371

We kindly request that anyone sitting in the vicinity of these seats avoids the use of strong scents and perfumes.

Akustiikka’s accessible toilet is a scent-free facility. Unscented cleaning detergents and soaps are used in the premises.

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