Land acquisition and disposal

The acquisition of raw land is primarily targeted to the growth directions in the master plan

Land acquisition

The most important task of the city’s land acquisition is to acquire land for future urban construction needs.

We acquire land as raw land prior to planning. With a sufficient reserve of raw land, we create the operating prerequisites for systematic planning, while ensuring sufficient plot production and urban construction. In the local plan area ‑ the city primarily acquires public areas, such as park and street areas as well as reasonably priced land within the scope of existing civil engineering which has been planned for construction purposes.

Legislation that applies to the local authorities land acquisition are set out in the Land Use and Building Act, the Pre-emption Act and the Redemption Act.

Most land for urban construction is acquired under voluntary trade in such a way that the pricing of trades concluded at different times is consistent. Land acquisition is aimed to be carried out in a timely manner so that a sufficient land reserve can be ensured for the local authority’s future needs.

If you wish to sell land to the city, please contact the Land Use service.

Cession of land

The city’s cession of land is mainly the transfer of plots for housing and entrepreneurship.

With the transfer policy of plots, we aim to achieve a balanced and pleasant urban structure, the efficient and balanced utilisation of public services and the development and competitiveness of economic life. By maintaining the selection of plots at a level that meets demand, the city aims to control the construction of small residential buildings outside the local plan area.

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