Parks and recreation

In a city, a park is a built-up and maintained green area

Reformation and maintenance

Areas to be maintained include the green areas of parks, streets and market squares, such as lawn cutting and reaping, flower beds, playgrounds, rubbish containers and street trees. Hamari beach, the pet cemetery and some of the yard areas of the properties in the city belong to the areas to be maintained.

Park forests

Park forests are local forests and forest areas that have been reserved in the local plan as parks and their management is not expected to provide forestry-related profits.
Thinning is aimed to be carried out in a subtle manner. The border areas are tidied in terms of coppices but small thickets can be preserved. A sheltered effect is aimed for and maintained when it is necessary.
The park forest locations in 2021- 2022 can be found in more detail here .

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