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Are your association’s archive issues in order?

You can disclose your association’s archive to the City of Ylivieska’s local archive.

Associations have the opportunity to disclose their archives to the City of Ylivieska’s local archive. The City of Ylivieska’s Cultural Services are responsible for organising and storing the materials. Therefore, the association is not subject to any charges for the disclosure.

Associations do not fall within the scope referred to in the Archives Act, so the National Archive’s retention time provisions do not apply to associations. However, it is very important to be able to store the local associations’ archive materials and make them available in such a way that they serve the needs of public and local research, teaching, leisure activities and practical needs. When arranging archives, provided to the City of Ylivieska’s local region archive, into materials, the same retention periods are observed as for the municipality’s own documents. Currently, the archives of approximately 80 ceased and 30 operating associations, co-ops, foundations or similar, have been disclosed to the local region archive. In addition to them, there are archives of families, houses and private individuals. All in all, the local region archive consists of approximately 230 different archive entities. The details of the materials have been exported to the national local history archives’ Arvi database

In addition to the local region archive, the National archive and several private central archives accept the archives of associations. The archives of associations based in Ylivieska have been disclosed to them before the local region archive was established, so it is first worth checking old disclosures for your own association.

When planning to disclose the archive of your association, please contact the City of Ylivieska’s archive secretary who will guide you through the steps related to disclosing the archive and prepare the disclosure agreement.

We will jointly clarify the retention periods of the materials and agree on completing the pre-screening of the material, i.e. removing any unnecessary and temporarily retained materials before the disclosure. At the same time, we can clarify whether the material may have already been disclosed to other archives. With the continuation of the association’s operations, instructions shall be provided on the archiving and screening of new materials.

In case of materials that consist of few documents, all the documents can be accepted. In this case, screening can be carried out in connection with arranging. Any materials that are to be left out of the archive shall be disposed of or returned to the association in accordance with the agreement terms.

Associations’ documents often remain in the possession of previous operators. Before the disclosure, it is important to collect the association’s old materials from persons who were involved in operations at different times. It is recommended that the association makes a decision on disclosure at its administrative meeting.

Further information about the local history archive can be found on Ylivieska’s city archive page


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Arvi database

Arvi is a database of local history archives to which the national archive lists of local history archives are stored and original archive materials are digitised.

The Ylivieska local region archive consists of approximately 200 different archive entities. The details of the materials can be viewed in the national Arvi database. Discover the material details of Ylivieska’s associations.

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