Property formation

In principle, a plot must border at a street

Plot division

Plot division is a plan on how a block area in accordance to a local plan is divided into plots. When preparing a plot division, existing property borders are aimed to be considered. A plot division map is prepared for the plot division which indicated, e.g., the plot numbers, surface areas, border dimensions as well as the properties and unseparated parcels included in the plots.

If the land owner’s plans change at a later date, the plot division can be changed if the local plan provisions allow it. The possibility to divide a plot is subject to, e.g., the local plan provisions, used building rights and the location of buildings on the plot.

At the plot division’s proposal stage, the land owner and the land owners of real estate bordering the plot division are always heard. The land owners may approve the plan from the plot division proposal or alternatively, the proposal is made publicly available prior to approval.

The plot division is prepared by a land surveyor and the plot division is approved by a city architect if no notices have been issued for the plot division. Any costs incurred by the preparation of the plot division shall be paid by the applicant, excluding the first plot division which is free.

After the plot division, the subdivision procedure of the plot is carried out. Following the subdivision procedure, the plot is registered in the cadastre and it is eligible for a building permit. Land Use Services shall carry out the subdivision of plots and public areas in the local plan area.

Subdivision of a plot

In the subdivision of a plot, the plot specified in the plot division is made into an independent plot. The subdivision procedure is initiated at the owner’s application, which is submitted to the city’s land registration authority. When the plot includes an unseparated parcel and a notice from the National Land Survey has been received by the land registration authority concerning an approved registration of ownership, the procedure will automatically be initiated if the unseparated parcel corresponds to the plot of the plot division carried out in accordance with a valid local plan (so-called plan plot).

The procedure always includes a subdivision meeting. During the meeting, e.g., the plot’s borders are determined, the property rights in relation to other properties are processed, a subdivision protocol and plot map, which is needed e.g. as a building permit application document, are prepared. In connection with the subdivision, easements between the plots can be established (in principle on the basis of an agreement between the plot owners) in regard to, e.g. access, cables and parking in the area of another plot.

After the legalisation of the subdivision procedure, the subdivision is registered in the cadastre. The registration is subject to the applicant having proof of ownership of the entire plot and that the plot area’s confirmed mortgages do not form an obstacle.

The subdivision fee of the plot is determined according to the surface area of the plot.

If the old property’s borders are exactly the same as the same as the borders of the new plot determined in the valid plot division, such a plot can be registered with the register holder’s decision on the basis of an application submitted by the owner to the land registration authority.

A non-subdivided plot in the local plan area has a building prohibition!

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Application to change plot division or for the subdivision of a plot

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