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Ylivieska Cultural Centre Akustiikka’s stunning entity includes a concert hall, exhibition hall, video conference room, restaurant hall as well as several smaller meeting rooms.

Concert, meeting and training venue in the city centre of the area

All of Akustiikka’s premises can be adapted according to the nature of the event and the customer’s wishes, from seminars to large conferences and from smaller meeting, training and cultural events to large-scale concerts with top quality conference and event technology.

You can book coffee, meal and snack catering through our catering restaurant.


Main hall

Kuvassa Akustiikan pääsali tyhjänä
Akustiikan pääsali

In the stunning main hall of Ylivieska’s Cultural Centre Akustiikka, you can implement demanding concerts and different-sized meeting and training events as well as seminars. The excellent technology and light equipment ensure, in their part, a successful event.

The main hall’s name is Osuuspankki hall until the end of 2022. Including additional seats, the floor level and balcony can seat up to 430 people. Writing desks on the floor level for 70.

Click below to view the technical specifications of the main hall.

Lataa Pääsalin istuinkartta

Lataa Pääsalin tekninen piirustus


The main hall has 373 seats (floor level 273, balcony 100). Including reserve seats, up to 401 seats. In special circumstances, there are 431 seats available in total.

When using the floor-level’s mixing point, seats 223, 224, 225, 226, 243, 244 ja 245 are removed and unavailable. The map above does not correspond to these seats. In reality, the mixing places are in the centre of the second and third last rows.


The width of the stage at the front is 12m and at the back 9m. The depth is 8m and the free height is approx. 10m.

The back wall of the stage is fixed and it has a section in the middle, which can be opened, and from where, e.g., the grand piano is moved. The side walls can be moved aside and replaced with black curtains. The back wall can also be covered with a dark blue curtain. A grand piano is available. Its tuning frequency is 442. A black/white dance mat is available on the stage. The use of the dance mat and grand piano must be notified in connection with booking the premises.

Open flames in the hall are prohibited. In exceptional circumstances, safety must be inspected with local fire safety authorities. A pyrotechnic must be present. The event organiser is responsible for the inspection.

Hauling from the loading platform takes place through the double doors on the right side of the stage. Transport and other vehicles can remain near the loading platform for the duration of the event.

The green room is in the immediate vicinity of the stage. Two changing rooms and two toilets. Conference room Pietari and the Video conference room also serve as backstage premises. Shower facilities are available at Päivärinta School.

ElectricityVideo projection
The distribution board is located on the right side of the stage, next to the haulage door. Three-phase power is available as follows: 3x16A. 5x32A. 1x63A.There is an 8m-wide retractable whitescreen on the back wall of the stage. The centre’s video projector can be used in all events.
Audio playbackPA
The centre’s system can handle 56 microphone channels. The hall audio and monitors are mixed with a Yamaha QL-5 mixer and a Yamaha Rio 32-d2 stage box. The use of the floor-level’s mixing point must be agreed upon in advance.20x Aura Audio a6, 10 per side
8x Aura Audio XD12i sub
Aura Audio D2k terminals
A comprehensive range of wired microphones, incl. Beyerdynamic, Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, Neumann and Röde.
4x AKG sr470 wireless microphone. 2x hand-held microphone, 2x headset.
4x Sennheiser ew300 g4 wireless microphones, 2x hand-held microphone, 2x headset
5x d&b technologies FMX 15 active monitors
2x Tannoy v12 passive monitors
6x Tannoy v8 passive monitors
2x Aura Audio c15 passive monitors
Moving lightsConventional spotlights
8x Clay Paky b-eye k10
6x Clay Paky Mythos
6x Robe AT wash 250
4x YPOC Colorwash basic 250
11x ADB Europe profiles as front lights
6x ADB Europe 1000w PC
10x ETC source four jr zoom
12x PAR-64
10x 1000w asymmetric flood
DimmersLight controller
ADB Eurorack, (16A channels) total of 72 channels spread around the surroundings of the stage.Chamsys Maxiwing ja iPad remote
SuspensionFog machine
500kg chain hoists at the front and back edge of the stage. 20m Litec trusses with floor boards and four rubber pieces.1x Peasoup Phantom Hazer fog machine

More information from the operations manager.

Exhibition hall

Kuvassa näyttely Akustiikan näyttelysalissa
Akustiikan näyttelysali

The exhibition hall operates as Ylivieska Cultural Centre Akustiikka’s diverse and bright gallery premises. It has a surface area of 130 square metres and the walls have a hanging surface area of 70 linear metres. The exhibition hall is suitable for meeting, training and cultural events for up to 40 people.

The exhibition hall has four mobile wall elements, which allow the premises to be divided in to two or more parts. At most, the exhibition hall boasts a ceiling height of more than 5 metres, so the facilities can be used to exhibit large paintings and other artworks.

Video conference room

Kuvassa Akustiikan videoneuvotteluhuone valmiina kokousta varten.
Video conference room

The high-quality and well-equipped video conference room is designed for 24 people. The tables can be arranged in a classroom format or in a meeting format, as shown in the photo.

Conference room Pietari

Kuvassa Akustiikan Kokoushuone Pietari valmiina kokousta varten.
Conference room Pietari

A pleasant room for smaller meetings, for up to 10 people.

Conference room Tapio

Kuvassa Akustiikan Kokoushuone Tapio valmiina kokousta varten.
Conference room Tapio

The premises are located on the third floor and they are best suited for meetings and training events for up to 20 people. The tables can be arranged in a meeting format or in a classroom format, as shown in the photo

Restaurant Hall Trioli

Restaurant Hall Trioli operates as Akustiikka’s catering restaurant. Meeting and training events can be held in the restaurant hall. The premises are excellently suited as ancillary premises for events that include meals or coffee servings for larger groups of people. 140 people can be seated at tables.


The media centre on the third floor provides the framework for producing high-quality recordings. The main hall or a separate playing space, designed to float, can be used as a recording space.

Technology includes ProTools software and the Control 24 user environment.

More information from the operations manager.


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