Permits and notices


Environmental permit

Before initiating operations, some plants and operations require a permit referred to in the Environmental Protection Act. The environmental permit application form and instructions can be found on the Forms page.

Operations typical to the region of Ylivieska that are subject to a permit include, for example, rock mining and crushing as well as animal shelters. Some of the industrial sectors are also subject to a permit.

The legislator has limited the municipal authority’s jurisdiction in environmental permit matters. The regional state administrative agency operates as the permit authority for larger operations (

The charge applicable for processing an environmental permit is determined according to a tariff (environmental protection authority’s tariff).

Permit for the extraction of resources

Excluding extractions for domestic use, the extraction of gravel, soil and rock requires a permit referred to in the Land Extraction Act. In principle, rock mining and crushing also requires an environmental permit. An annual notice on land extraction must be submitted. Extractions for domestic use must also be notified to the environmental unit if the amount of land to be extracted exceeds 500 m3.

Permits referred to in the Water Act

Directing waste water to a ditch and drain, across another landowner’s land, as well as some measures related to making ditches may require a permit from the environmental authority. A permit may also be necessary for water extractions and research activities. Building in waterways and other projects that alter a waterway require a permit from Northern Finland’s regional state administrative agency.

Anything other than minor ditching must be notified to the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) no later than 60 days in advance.

Exemption from the connecting to water main and waste water sewer in accordance with the Water Services Act

According to the Water Services Act (119/2001), a property located in a water utility’s area of operation must be connected to the water main and the waste water sewer. The municipal environmental protection authority may grant a property an exemption to connect under the grounds regulated in the Act.

Off-road and water traffic

Motor vehicles can be driven off-road with the land owner’s permission. An environmental protection authority’s permit is required for driving motor vehicles off-road or in water areas for training and competition purposes.

Felling trees and landscaping permits

Landscape-altering earthworks, tree felling or other similar activities must not be carried out without a permit in the local plan area of Ylivieska, or in its component master plan area, if stated in the plan provisions.

A permit in not required for works required for the implementation of the master or local plan or works in accordance with a building or procedure permit. A permit is not required for measures that have an insignificant effect.

Therefore, it is worth contacting the environmental unit in advance about measures, such as felling trees. The environmental unit shall consider the need of a permit together with the park gardeners.

Noise and vibration or exceptional situations

A notification must be submitted for any particularly disturbing operations or events that cause temporary noise or vibration. The Notification of noise form can be found on the Forms page.

In case of any exceptional risk of environmental contamination or the demolition of a structure or device causing special waste management measures, operating disturbances or accidents, the person responsible for the actions must immediately be notified to the environmental protection authority.

Deviating from manure storage volumes and manure stacking

The Government Decree on Limiting Certain Emissions from Agriculture and Horticulture (1250/2014) in accordance with the EU Nitrates Directive includes provisions concerning e.g. manure and silage effluent storage, spreading and the use of nitrogen fertilisers. According to the Decree, storage spaces for manure and manure channels must be watertight and the capacity of the manure storage shall be sufficient for manure collected over the course of 12 months.

Deviation from the minimum capacity is permitted under the grounds specified in the Decree. A notice concerning the stacking of manure must be submitted to the municipal environmental protection authority sufficiently in advance and the environmental protection authority can provide necessary provisions on the matter. The notification form is available on the Forms page as well as the environmental secretary’s and rural secretary’s offices.

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