Plans being prepared

Influence now – Plans being prepared

Plans being prepared

You can find the documents for ongoing planning work on this page.
In connection with preparing plans, the planning document are made public to provide information to the municipal residents. These documents include, e.g.:

• participation and assessment plan
• draft plan
• draft plan description
• plan proposal
• plan description

A separate page is created for a planning project once the plan is pending. The page is updated as the planning and decision-making progresses.

Official announcements concerning planning projects are published in the newspaper and the city’s website under the Now in Ylivieska section in Official announcements. The announcements include information about, e.g., open public events that are being organised.

Available plans

Pending local plans


Koskipuhto, Rantavainio

Toivonpuisto, Salmiperä


Männistö, Olmala 2

Pending master plans

Verkasalon tuulivoimapuiston osayleiskaava

Pajukoski II tuulivoimapuiston osayleiskaava

Vasaman tuulipuiston osayleiskaava

Vähäkangas-Sorvisto 2040 osayleiskaava vireille

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Planning in brief



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