Ice arena

Public ice skating Check the booking situation here

The ice arena was built in 2015 and it serves enthusiasts of ice sports and in the summer, in-line hockey players.

Lapset pelaa jääkkiekkoa

Check the Ice Rink’s booking situation

Ice skating bookings for pupils and daycare centres, tel. 044 4294 472

Other activities of the ice rink

In addition to a rink, the Ice Arena also has a running lane suitable for other sports’ side training, followed by a long jump pit.

Café and cabinet

The Ice Arena has a café and a cabinet. During tournaments, the premises are used for café and restaurant services.

The premises are also hired for meeting and training purposes.

Jäähallin kahvio

Functional premises

The stand has 500 seats and 200 standing places. When all the exit routes are in use, the maximum person capacity is 2,200. The Ice Arena is also suitable for organising larger sports and music events.

Public ice skating

Children 2 €
Adults 3 €
Family ticket (1 adult + 4 children or
2 adults + 3 children) 10 €
Additional child 2 €

Check the booking situation here

Customer service

tilavaraukset ja tiedustelut
044 4294 472

Contact details

Jäähalli ja ulkoliikuntapaikat
044 4294 263

Isokoski Jarmo
liikuntapaikkojen hoitaja
044 4294 507

Mämmelä Marko
liikuntapaikkojen hoitaja
040 1882 341

Ritola Jari
liikuntapaikkojen hoitaja
044 4294 369

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