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Youth council

A youth council, which is an influencing body consisting of 13-20-year-olds, operates in Ylivieska. More information about its operations are available from the youth council’s chairman, members and the youth services director. Visit our website and find out more!

Children’s parliament

At the initiative of the youth council, a children’s parliament has been established in Ylivieska. Its operations were planned to be initiated in March 2020 but due to the coronavirus situation we have had to postpone its introduction.

Ylivieska’s Children’s parliament is an independent influencing body of primary school-aged children in our city. The Children’s parliament’s tasks is to familiarise and inspire primary school pupils to influence and make them heard in the city’s decision-making. The Children’s parliament consists of two parts: the general meeting and the delegate body operating between the general meetings. The delegate body consists of 4th-6th grader representatives, two representatives/primary school. The delegate body convenes 2-3 times per academic year. In its own meetings, the delegate body reviews matters that have been brought to light at school and during leisure time, which can then be taken further to the general meeting.

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Youth council


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