City grants

Applying for operating grants for 2023 is open to 30.11.2022. The application period is common to all industries

City of Ylivieska’s grant principles

The city’s various bodies and office holders annually grant a large number of different voluntary grants to different communities. The City of Ylivieska’s grants are applied for via Kunta Akkuna

Applying for grants in 2023

The submission of applications is opened in 30.11.2022. The application form and period is shared among all sectors.

  • f an association is unable to submit the required attachments by the end of the application period, the delivery schedule of the attachments must be indicated either by email or in the “Notes” section of the application form. However, applying for a grant must be done by the last date of the application period. Any grant shall be issued on a provisional basis until the mandatory attachments of the application have been delivered.

Special requirements of different operating sectors, e.g., attachments:
(in addition to the details entered in the application form)

Sector/services Required additional information and attachments
Sports servicesGeneral grant:
(Open for applications in October-November)
In 2023, the operating grants are processed with the details of the most recent valid financial statements. Attach the following attachments to the sports services’ operating grant:
– application form
– budget for 2023
– operating plan for 2023
operating information form
– employee notice
– association’s most recent confirmed annual report and financial statements

Target grant:
(Applied for at the end of the target year by December 31)
– athlete grant
: a reliable statement of achievements (e.g. score sheet)
An athlete grant is awarded in accordance with the athlete grant application instructions approved by the sports committee 2/12/2020 §62. With the grant application instructions, the City of Ylivieska annually supports athletes that have made Ylivieska known through sports. An athlete grant is awarded on the basis of success referred to in the grant application instructions
training grant: copies of course payments or the course programme
The training grants’ accepted costs are only considered to be the training costs of actual coach, instructor and operator courses. Camp costs and other expenses directly associated with sports operations are not accepted. A training grant can be approved for up to 300€/course/person.

map grant: expense receipts
A map grant is intended for supporting the production of orienteering maps by compensating for any mapping and printing expenses. Accepted expenses are compensated in full because they involve the creation of a sports location.

value competitions’ organisation support: statement on organisation expenses, effectiveness and visibility
Value competitions’ organisation support can be provided for organisation expenses of competitions that are at least at a level of Finnish Championships and organised in Ylivieska. The basis of the grant, above all, is the visibility and publicity the competition provides Ylivieska and the organisation expenses incurred by the competition.-premises grant:
Premises grants are awarded to clubs that use paid third-party sports venues for carrying out their operations. Up to 30% of the overall expenses are reimbursed for the rent of sports facilities leased from a third party/private individual. The premises grant is paid against receipts and within the budget for sports premises in Ylivieska. The premises grant is paid for training sessions and competitions.

Applying for grants
Youth servicesGeneral grant:
Only associations registered as youth organisations can apply for a general grant
Attach the following documents:
– annual report for the previous year
– financial statements for the previous year
– operating plan for 2023
– budget for 2023
– association rules, if the association is a new applicant

Target grants: both youth organisations and open youth operating groups. Grant criteria: travel and training participant list, club activities realised club sessions. Attach expenses receipts for both. Target grants can be applied for all year round.

Necessary additional information: In Section 8 of the application. Under notes, the percentage of under 29-year-old members must be indicated.
Culture servicesGeneral grant: Annual report for the previous year, Financial statements for the previous year, Operating plan for the operating year as well as a financial assessment. Association rules, if the association is a new applicant.

Facility grant: Cultural services’ facility grant for events at Akustiikka or Puuhkala
Municipal servicesGeneral grant:
Operating/event plan budget/financial plan association’s most recent confirmed annual report and financial statements
Village associations are also required to provide a register extract from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

More info

Sport services

Culture services

Saarimaa Terhi
044 4294 546

Youth services

Männistö Elisa
044 4294 355

Municipal services

Kemppainen Joose
044 4294 423

Organization liaison person

Öljymäki-Maarala Marita
hyvinvointikoordinaattori, maahanmuuttoasiat
040 1882 459


Grants are applied for through Kunta-akkuna

Attached to an application targeted at sports services:

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The Ylivieska city sponsorship grant application has ended on September 30, 2022

The city of Ylivieska does sponsorship cooperation with local athletes, clubs, teams and groups. The starting point of the sponsorship is the nationwide positive publicity brought by the partner to the city of Ylivieska. Read more

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