Applying for an early childhood education place

At the end of the parental allowance period, under school-aged children are entitled to early childhood education.

To arrange a child’s early childhood education, it is possible to choose between

There is an option to choose a degree for organizing early childhood education

  • home care allowance,
  • municipal early childhood education,
  • an early childhood education service voucher,
  • private child care allowance (care allowance and income-based care supplement). In addition to a private child care allowance, families can apply for the private child care allowance’s municipal supplement if the service provider is employed by the family (private care that takes place at the child’s home) and the need for care is due to the parents’ work or studies.

Applying for an early childhood education place

Early childhood education services can be applied for from municipal and private family day care and daycare centres all year round. However, you must apply for early childhood education no later then four months, or in case of sudden employment/studies, two weeks before the child needs an early childhood education place. You can apply for municipal early childhood education using the early childhood education form. In case of private services, you can submit your application directly to the relevant unit. When the care agreement has been concluded through a private early childhood education provider, an application is submitted to the city for a service voucher.

An early childhood education place is granted to a child for no longer than the start date of preschool education. An early childhood education place concerning the preschool education year requires a separate decision.

A decision concerning a municipal early childhood education place or service voucher is notified by email and it can be read by using the link provided in the email. If you do not accept electronic information in connection with submitting the application, the decision shall be sent to the guardian by post.

Care-based early childhood education (municipal)

In municipal early childhood education, the monthly fee is determined and billed according to the number of reserved care sessions. Service needs are reserved in the first applications, but the agreed hour limits which form the basis for the monthly fee can be changed at a later date to by applicable for at least three months.

care time hours/month
Average agreed care time hours/weekCustomer payment % for the highest paymentsiakasmaksu-% korkeimmasta maksustaUp to
1 – 63 h/kkalle 15 h/vko40 %118 €
64 – 86 h/kk15 – 20 h/vko60 %177 €
87 – 150 h/kk21 – 35 h/vko80 %236 €
yli 150 h/kkyli 35 h/vko100 %295 €

Agreed days per month (private)

The service voucher has been specified for full-time or part-time day care and staged to three classes (more than 15 days/month, 11-15 days/month and 1-10 days/month) according to agreed care days.

Need for care
days / month
Payment % for full-time day careHighest payment full-time day carePayment % for part-time day careHighest payment part-time day care
1 – 1050 %148 €30 %89 €
11 – 1575 %221 €45 %133 €
yli 15100 %295 €60 %177 €

When you have received a decision concerning an early childhood education place

  • If home care allowance or private child care allowance has been paid for the child, inform Kela’s office about the start of early childhood education.
  • Agree on familiarisation practices with the early childhood education provider.

Delivery of income details

To determine the early childhood education costs, the family’s income details together with attachments must be delivered to the early childhood education office no later than by the end of the month in which care started. Income details can also be submitted via the online service when you have received a decision concerning an early childhood education place. Private early childhood education customers, who have a valid customer account, can also submit their income details electronically. New customers can submit their income details by email or in paper format to the early childhood education office. The income declaration form must be attached to the income details.

If you wish to make changes to service needs

If the child’s need for care changes, fill in the service need amendment form. Those attending municipal early childhood education may submit the form to the child’s own early childhood education provider or the early childhood education office, and those attending private early childhood education fill in the form at the relevant unit. The service provider shall submit the signed form to the early childhood education office. More information about changes to service needs can be found here.

When you no longer require an early childhood education place

  • Notify the care provider about the date from when your child will no longer attend
  • Submit an electronic termination notice in the online service
  • You can also notify the termination by email to the family day care instructor or the daycare centre’s director, or you can fill in a written termination form
  • You can temporarily terminate an early childhood education place for the summer if the termination is for a period of at least 4 weeks.
  • Remember to notify the non-attendance of the child as soon as it is known, the early childhood care payment is billed until the written termination date even if the last day of care was before this.

Note! You are no longer entitled to home child care allowance when the care place has been terminated (e.g. absences of more than one month in the summer).

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