Restaurant and cafe services

Order delicious and high-quality catering in advance to be served at events.

Kupponen kahvia ja leivos Akustiikan tarjoiluista.

The delicious and high-quality catering services are available to you for small and large events. Our partners include local catering and confectionery companies. Our staff ensures the quality and customer service of catering. Akustiikka has an alcohol license.

Interval and pre-catering at events

Catering for concerts and other event can be ordered well in advance, no later than one week before the event. Welcome to enjoy a coffee without queueing!

Akustiikka catering

Akustiikka catering allows smaller and larger celebrations to be organised in the  Cultural Centre’s premises, which can be adapted to be suitable for celebration purposes. High-quality food products and serving personnel are at your service.

Catering order form

Orders must be placed no later than 1 week before the event. Orders made later than this shall be dismissed.

Changes to an order must be notified to Akustiikka’s ticket sales no later than 1 week before the event.

A table is set with a name, usually in the restaurant hall.

Pay your order at Akustiikka’s ticket sales. We can also send an invoice.

Orders and request’s

Kankaanpää Henna
040 5739 473

Akustiikan lipunmyynti
044 4294 545


Email for info and ticket sale

Or with the form you can find here.

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