Hamari recreation area

Leisure areas are an important part of the services provided to society

Hamari beach

There is a small public beach in the Hamari leisure area. The quality of the swimming water is monitored with water samples, which are taken three times per summer, and the water quality results are kept visible on the noticeboard at the swimming location. During the swimming season, the water quality results of public beaches are also available on the health control authority’s website.

Hiring berths in the Hamari leisure area

There are seven city-owned berths in the Hamari leisure area, which are hired to boaters. The berths can be hired for no more than three years at a time. The rent of the berths is – (incl. VAT) / summer season.

Free-form application can be delivered to the following address by May 31.

If there are more than seven applicants, the berths are raffled.

Hamari leisure area is located in Hamarinpuisto.

Contact Information

Rauhala Raakel
044 4294 269
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Hamari boat berths

Rental contracts for boat berths

Laukka Maria
044 4294 602
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