Municipal employment trial

Promotion of employment with a municipal trial

Municipal employment trial

The municipal employment trials have started on March 1, 2021, and the trials will continue until the end of 2024 when the responsibility for organising employment services shall be transferred from the government to the local authorities. In the municipal trial, the employment of job seekers is strengthened by combining the government and municipal resources, skills and services to promote employment. There are 22 trial areas nationwide and 118 participating municipalities. Five municipalities belong to our Jokilaaksot municipal employment trial; Ylivieska, Kalajoki, Oulainen, Alavieska and Merijärvi.

Who are the customers of the municipal trial?

The customers of the municipal trial are the participating municipalities’ job-seeking customers who receive Kela’s basic daily allowance or job seeker’s allowance, all under 30-year-old job seekers and all foreign-language job seeker customers. The municipal trial customers shall deal with employment-related matters with the municipal trial instead of the TE Office. The customer still has access to the electronic Oma Asiointi service and the national service numbers. The transfer to the trial has taken place automatically.

Where can we be found?

Ylivieska’s municipal trial offices are located in Origo, at Vierimaantie 3. We are open every weekday at 9 am – 3 pm. We close for a lunch break between 11.30 am – 12.30 pm.

The municipal trial team consists of eight TE experts, two social workers, one psychiatric nurse and Kohtaa! Project’s personnel. In addition, our offices are regularly visited by the Raudaskylä Christian College’s employment services, Jedu’s training expert and Sytyke’s Kaari project.

Ylivieska’s office also serves Alavieska’s customers and we produce a local service in Alavieska on Wednesdays at 9 am – 3 pm at Pappilantie 1.

Ylivieska, youth team, under 30-year-old job seekers:

Maria Korpi,
Alkupalvelut, uudet asiakkaat                          
0295 056 351

Jukka Koivisto,
Osaamisen kehittäminen,Ohjaamo työskentely
0295 056 289

Camilla Somero,
Tuetun työllistämisen nuoret
040-1597 624

Pauliina Annala
040-6355 475

Ylivieska, initial services and development of skills over 30-year-olds:

Maria Pohjolainen,
TE- asiantuntija
Osaamisen kehittäminen

Marika Hakalahti,
Alkupalvelut, osaamisen kehittäminen          
040-6157 968

Ylivieska, supported employment services, over 30-year-olds

Marika Kivi,
Tuettu työllistäminen, vieraskieliset               
040 1936 694

Tiina Vilhu,
TYP, kaiken ikäiset
0295 056 763

Eeva – Maija Pehkonen, sosiaaliohjaaja
040-6355 459

Maarit Silver,
psykiatrinen sairaanhoitaja
Terveydenhuollon palvelut
040-6355 460

Mervi Mäkihonka,
044-4294 205
Palkkatuki, starttiraha

Sofia Sääskilahti,
Kotouttaminen, koko kuntakokeilun alue
040-6125 744


Sofia Sääskilahti,
Alavieska kaikki asiakkaat, iästä riippumatta pois lukien TYP (Tiina Vilhu) 
040-6125 744

When sending documents containing personal data by e-mail, first request a privacy-protected e-mail connection. The employment municipal experiment will send you a privacy-protected email, by replying to which you can send documents containing personal data.

Public email address and phonenumber:
p. 040-1936 694

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