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During the summer, you can take part in many fun activities alongside driving

The objective of the City of Ylivieska’s Youth Services is that young people grow up to be socially accepted EU citizens who care for their close ones. Regular activities are available for a wide age group; from third graders to young adults.

The young people’s own activity is supported by youth centre operations, and the cooperation of youth groups and organisations. International operations have expanded as a result of youth visits and international European Solidarity Corps volunteers. Cooperation work is carried out with youth organisations and operating youth groups. Grants are annually granted for the support of youth operations and facilities are offered as meeting places. A youth work project is under way at the schools, a youth worker regularly works at the lower secondary school.

Ohjaamo Ylivieska assists young people with their concerns and questions, Jelppiverkko’s outreach youth workers and start-up and individual guidance coaches can be found in Ohjaamo’s premises. During the summer, the children’s traffic park, minigolf and skate park operate as leisure locations for different-aged users. Keka hut can be hired all year round for substance-free use, in the summer, the hut organises open doors events and in the winter, there is ice-hole swimming on Sundays.

We observe coronavirus prevention guidelines, ensure hand hygiene, safety distances in all our operations and we only take part in operations if we are healthy.

The youth services director is responsible for the administration of youth services.


Männistö Elisa
044 4294 355

Youth service office:

Rautatiekatu 3
84100 Ylivieska

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